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We personally craft all of our wedding films. From sound design, to sound effects, to special effects, color grading, etc. Each wedding film is made to be just as unique as the day it captures. We try not to walk into a wedding with a set plan in mind and prefer to let the day dictate how and in which style the story is told. Rather than a telling of how exactly the day went, our goal is to capture how the day felt and create memories that last for a lifetime.

We only book a limited amount of weddings per year to ensure that each couple gets the time and attention that they deserve. We are looking to book more weddings and elopements that are truly unique. Our favorites are the free-spirited, bohemian outdoor weddings with lots of organic elements.

PS. Hey Universe… Please keep bringing us lovely couples, beautiful outdoor ceremonies and emotional moments for us to film. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours are included in your collections?

In the case of weddings, we truly feel a full day of coverage is needed to tell your story, so you can book us for eight hours or more. There is no time limit, you set the time frame. We are also happy to attend your celebration for several days and don't be surprised if you catch us dancing a little during the reception. Engagement and couple sessions are discussed individually.

How long are your wedding films?

Our highlight wedding films usually run anywhere between 4-6 minutes, depending on the amount of event were captured. Why so short? They focus on the most important moments of your wedding day, so they won't be boring and will make you happy every time you see it even after many years.

Our extended edits run between 8-12 minutes. They can be booked to the highlight films additionally.

What kind of Equipment do you use?

It is important for us as service providers to stay in the background and not to disturb the intimacy of your ceremony. Instead of huge cameras and tripods, we use professional mirrorless bodies and handheld stabilizers, so we are "invisible" at the event. We use only the highest quality fixed focal length lenses, so we can film also in low light conditions with excellent quality. We film in 4K and in slow motion as well.

What about photos?

We currently do not offer photography options, because we are all about FILM! If you are in need of an amazing photographer, we are happy to recommend a few great ones.
Are you a wedding photographer looking to collaborate? We'd love to collaborate! Show us your work!

How long do our films take after the wedding?

We know how eager you are to see everything we’ve captured, so we aim to have films completed between 4-8 weeks after your wedding. The editing process takes time to perfect and because each film is hand-crafted to tell your unique story we really don’t like to rush this part.

Do we pick the music ourselves?

The music is such a massive part of how we tell your story, and we often spend as much time finding the right tracks as we do editing your film. We want to choose something that is unique to both of you and that communicates the story of your day.

Can we meet before booking?

Of course, we love to get to know new people and couples. If you are living too far from us, we can get to know each other via FaceTime other video chat app as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be one or two persons of your team at our wedding?

We – Patrik and Dora – are always working as a two-person team. We would like to capture the one-and-only moments of your special day from two angles.